Casa Privada


 Casa Privada

In this award-winning Portuguese villa, nestling into the mountains, modern architecture is truly complemented by the latest modern lighting.

For this stunning modernist building, Lumoluce Luzern and Luxor spots were used throughout. Together with a carefully conceived lighting design, the LED lighting creates a warm feeling with dramatic accentuation of the building’s clean lines and minimalist use of warm natural materials. Compared with halogen lighting, Lumoluce’s LED lighting is annually saving  90% on energy and relamping costs, making this a showcase for today’s sustainable lighting. With a guaranteed maintenance-free lifetime of 50,000 hours, the spirit of the original lighting design will bring enjoyment to its owners for many years to come.


• 90% annual savings on energy and relamping costs
• Very elegant and contemporary fixture design
• Supports the sustainable character of the building
• Warm atmosphere due to balanced use of different colour temperatures


Mario Martins, the architect of this award-winning building, has shown that sustainable design principles can deliver much more than just energy-efficiency. Clean lines, warm atmosphere, dramatic accentuation of architectural features – all these were achieved in this masterpiece of eco-conscious design using Lumoluce LED lighting.


Sustainability without compromise on design


Location: Portugal
Application area: Residential
Distributor: Chainlight Lighting Systems

Casa privada

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